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Criminal Defense
There is nothing more serious than the possibility of losing your freedom.
You need an attorney that can explain all of your rights and options, and explain how your choice will effect you legally, personally and financially.
I am always available to discuss your issue, and to begin crafting your defense.


  • Chapter 7


  • Chapter 13


  • Chapter 11


  • Preferential transfers


  • Fraudulent transfers

You've just been served with a lawsuit, found a foreclosure notice on your door, had your car reposessed, or you looked at your budget and realized that you can't make that next payment.
Your business had a dry spell, or you signed a contract that isn't allowing your business to grow.
You wish you could start over.
I can help make that happen.
Criminal Defense & Traffic



  • Drug Crimes and Property Seizures

  • Assaults, Theft Offenses and Sex Crimes

  • Motor Vehicle Offenses

  • Juvenile Offenses

  • Weapons Offenses

  • Traffic tickets

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